Lead Pastor

Pastor Sereivudh Ly (Lastname pronounced as in "Lee") is one of the survivors of the Killing Field period from 1975 - 1979 in Cambodia. If you listened to the news or watched "The Killing Field" movie, you may know how terrible it was to live in that country during the communist regime.

He was born in Cambodia, a country of beauty and wars in Southeast Asia. He spent his youth enslaved by the communist regime in Cambodia and had lived a horrific life in several refugee camps in Thailand.
During 1975-1979, the communists cruelly slaughtered his parents, two brothers, two sisters, and several other relatives. Later he eventually found himself in a refugee camp along the border of Thailand and Cambodia, where he felt helpless and hopeless. He came to a conclusion that there is no God, religions are just ways of using people, and life is meaningless and purposeless. Providentially, he met Jesus Christ in that refugee camp. 

In 1996, he finished his studies, achieving a four-year degree in Pre-Ministry from Union College (Nebraska, USA), and a three-year degree in Religious Studies at Burman University (former Canadian University College, Alberta, Canada).
After serving as a student pastor, he was called to full time ministry by the Alberta Conference in various churches from 1992-1999. Later he went to pursue higher studies at Andrews University Theological Seminary. After he graduated with a Masters of Divinity degree in 2001, he was employed by the Ontario Conference as a District Pastor. He was ordained into the ministry in 2002 by Ontario Conference. In 2011, He graduated with a Doctoral degree from Andrews University Theological Seminary in Berrien Springs, Michigan. 

In January 29, 2011, he was called to become the associate pastor at the Mount Zion Filipino Seventh-day Adventist church. After January 13, 2018, he was reassigned to be our senior pastor. He has had much and varied experiences in serving the Seventh-day Adventist Church for the past twenty five years (22 years in Canada).

Pastor Ly enjoys helping people through pastoral counselling, focusing on forgiveness and particularly appreciates the privilege to be part of God’s ministry of reconciliation (2Cor 5:18-20) with Adventists and other Christians around the world. His favourite passage is Mark 12:30-31. He seeks to help Adventists understand what it means to be Christians in a postmodern world.
We welcome Pastor Ly and his family to the Mount Zion Filipino Seventh-day Adventist Church. We wish them success in their ministry and hope their work in the Ontario Conference will continue to be productive in preparing people for the Kingdom of God.