Admin Team

Leadership/Admin Team (LAT)

The Leadership/Administration Team (LAT) is a standing sub-committee of the Church Board and acts as the executive body of the church whose responsibility is to govern the day-to day operational activities of the church and to liaise between the Church Board and the five "F" ministry teams, oversees overall church finance and church facilities, as well as guide and direct the implementation of the "MEANS" to achieve the "ENDS" approved by the Church Board. 

The members are as follows:

  1. Lead Pastor
  2. Assistant Pastor 
  3. First Elder 
  4. Fortifier Team Lead
  5. Frontier Team Lead 
  6. Fellowship Team Lead 
  7. Friendship Team Lead
  8. Faith Team Lead
  9. Facilities Team Lead
  10. Personnel Team Lead
  11. Church Clerk 
  12. Church Treasurer 
  13. Communications Lead 
  14. Afternoon Service Elders 


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Church Manual

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