Discover Bible School Online

How DBS Online Works

1   Read the following instructions before clicking the "DBS Online Lessons" link below.

2   After clicking the link below, this will take you to "First Lesson" page (Ignore the Login).

3   Select and read the first lesson of the Bible study course of your choice.

4   Take the review quiz, and Submit. It will give you a page to register.

5   Register and create a profile with username and password.

6   Remember your Username and Password, then Submit.

7   Your review quiz will be graded and you will be notified via email.

Next time you come back for the second and subsequent lessons, you need to "Login" using the username and password you created on 5. 

You may take the lessons as long as you want - no clocks. You even get an instructor!  Every time you finish, your instructor will grade your lessons, answer any questions you have, and advance you onto the next. Feel free to get started!

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